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continues to be active in music as well as the physical life of stone masonry. He and his wife Libby play contra dances around the southeast and various concerts and gigs featuring their wide ranging vocal interests: original songs, blues, swing, and harmony duets. Bill performs his original songs at solo venues and frequently steps out with former Red Clay Ramblers Jim Watson and Mike Craver along with Joe Newberry to crank up the old model T yet again. Bill and Libby have a Copper Creek CD, South of Nowhere. Bill recorded a live show at the Cave in Chapel Hill and self-produced a CD, The Perfect Gig, featuring his original songs and guitar playing in a solo context. He does occasional studio work with various musicians, including all of Jim Watson's solo recordings and Chapel Hill's Joe Woodson. Bill and Libby teach occasionally at the Augusta Heritage Workshops, and--in the summer of '04--at Allegheny Echoes in Marlinton, WV. Bill is a contributing editor of the Old Time Herald. He has taken advantage of the existence of this website to start his little blog of opinions: Admit One Journal as well as a corner of called "Ramblings of a Fiddler."  Links to all of the above are found on William Hicks Masonry
Bill's homepage
Performance dates: Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry and Bill & Libby's shows
"ramblings of a fiddler" - Bill's blog
ADMIT ONE JOURNAL - Bill's Snappy Opinions-An Occasional Blog
Eugene Chadbourne writes Bill's biography

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CD news! Bill & Libby's CD South of Nowhere (Copper Creek) can be ordered directly from Bill, Copper Creek, and your favorite online music stores.

Bill's solo The Perfect Gig (released March, 2002), all original songs! Some cuts are live from The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC. Order your copy from Bill or order online from CDBaby

Founding Red Clay Ramblers Mike Craver, Bill Hicks and Jim Watson reunited in 2001 at the Festival for the Eno and play increasing numbers of concerts each year.  If they don't come where you are, then we recommend that you travel. (photo by Tom Cox)

Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry
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Between Bill & Libby gigs, Bill Hicks solos his original songs, accompanied not by his legendary fiddle, but by both electric and acoustic guitars.  (Old-timers, hold your snow cones.)  One night Bill entertained the crowd at The Cave in Chapel Hill while over on the side, Rick Ramirez of Temple Ball Productions had set up his equipment to record.  The result - Bill's solo CD The Perfect Gig - can be yours.  Write Bill for info.
Bill Hicks
The Cave
November 14, 2001
(recording The Perfect Gig)

More pics and review of the show


When Bill's not fiddlin' or writing, he creates in masonry.  He built these steps a few years ago for a Duke Professor of Economics.  View his work at William Hicks Masonry.
Bill as seen by a fan at the Beaufort Music Festival

larger version!
"Sixty isn't nearly as old as it used to be"
Bill at his birthday party, January 2003

Blurred Time is Bill's witty history of the Red Clay Ramblers during his years from 1972-1981.  The journey includes some of his short stories as well.  He changed the names to protect the anything-but-innocent, but we bet you can figure out who's who. 

Explore the roots of the Red Clay Ramblers.  Bill was a member of the Fuzzy Mountain String Band before becoming a Blur. We've added some new pics of the Fuzzies, Bill with Tommy Jarrell, and a pre-Fuzzy band of Bill's, the Smokey Grass Band.

Susan Ketchin interviewed Bill back in 1978 about his music.  More interviews from those days are linked from the Red Clay Ramblers Souvenirs

Fiddlin' Bill's article "A Remembrance: In Honor of a Reunion of Middle-Aged Old-Time Musicians at Camp New Hope, Orange County, NC, April, 1989"

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