Carter Family Connections
The music of the Carter Family is a constant thread through the original era of the Red Clay Ramblers.
Red Clay Ramblers playing at the Carter's
Through four decades, Red Clay Ramblers have traveled to Hiltons, Virginia, to play at the invitation of members of the Carter Family.
Original Red Clay Ramblers with Janette Carter featured on the 2006 Carter Family Memorial Festival fan and program
The first time - 1976

Smithsonian article - the Ramblers playing at A.P. Carter's Store
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Video at the Fold
Red Clay Ramblers write memories

Sara Carter with children Janette, Joe & Gladys
Mike Craver writes...
Singing at Janette Carter's Funeral
Meeting Sara Carter
Singing at Sara's Funeral
1977 A.P. Carter Festival
Cash Wedding Reception

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Sara Carter - 1976
Bill Hicks writes in Blurred Time:
the Cash Wedding Reception
Jim Watson remembers Sara's funeral
Tommy Bledsoe's tribute to Janette Carter
Jesse Thompson Eustice writes of the O'Blur show at the Fold on her dad's 69th birthday - July 22, 2006
Red Clay Ramblers record Carter Family music
Carter Family songs
on early RCR recordings

"Kissing Is A Crime" 
Red Clay Ramblers (1974)

"Will You Miss Me"
"Fifty Miles of Elbow Room" 
Twisted Laurel (1976)

Tommy Thompson, Mike Craver, and Jim Watson also recorded an entire album of Carter Family songs, Meeting in the Air in 1980.  The album cover says, " The recording career of the original Carter Family: A.P., Sara, and Maybelle, of Maces Springs, Virginia, lasted from 1927 to 1943.  Their sound has continued to delight and inspire many lovers of music ever since.   Meeting in the Air was released as a CD in 2004.

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