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Enjoy these Red Clay Ramblers pics from Mike Craver's collection
Eno River
Festival, '76

Notice Watson's famous Amyl Nitrate tee shirt!

(click on each picture for a larger version - photos by  Tom Cox)

Red Clay Ramblers with Debby McClatchy
Pinewoods Folk Music Camp

(Ed. note: Debby recorded Bill's "You Were Only F-bleep-ing While I Was Making Love" with RCR)

(photo by Susanne Szasz)

Festival for the Eno, Eno River, Durham, NC, Summer, 1976

(click on the pic for a larger version - photo by Cece Conway)

from 1976
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"Where the Twisted Laurel Grows"

Red Clay Ramblers close the 29-minute program.  Lelly Mae Ledford and Tommy Jarrell with Barry and Sharon Poss precede them.

These 1976 shots are from Bill Hicks.
Tommy Thompson
On Stage
(photo by Dave DuBuisson )

Jack, Tommy, Bill, Mike, and Jim (photo by Cece Conway)
1976 Pictures from Nic Siler's collection (click any pic for a whole page)

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December 29, 2013