Red Clay Ramblers Reunion for Tommy Thompson
June 14, 2003 - North Carolina Museum of Art
First annual Back Porch Music concert presented by NCMA & WUNC-FM 
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"In honor of founding member Tommy Thompson, who died in January, George Holt, the dean of North Carolina music presenters, has achieved a major miracle. For the debut WUNC Back Porch Music Concert at the N.C. Museum of Art, Holt has pulled together a reunion concert by the Red Clay Ramblers."  (Art Menius, Durham Independent)
<--George Holt introduces the Red Clay Ramblers
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Jack Herrick, Ed Butler, Mike Craver, Barney Pilgrim, Bill Hicks, Clay Buckner,
Rick Good, Jim Watson, Chris Frank, and Bland Simpson
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Set 1 List

Merchants Lunch
Stolen Love
Daniel Prayed
When Bacon Was Scarce/Ryestraw
Let's Be Lovers Again
You Have Been A Friend to Me
Aragon Mill
Hobo's Last Letter
The Ace
Beale Street Blues
Rabbit in a Pea Patch

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Libby Hicks joins Bill
for "Ryestraw"
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Keith Weston of WUNC-FM presents the
"Back Porch Music Artists of the Year Award"
to the Red Clay Ramblers for 2003. 

Tommy Thompson's children Jesse Thompson Eustice and Tom Ashley Thompson accept Tommy's award. Tom had Jesse send a copy of his speech to share with our readers.

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Rick Good in the 
"Boatman" scene from The Last Song of John Proffit 
Set 2 List

"Boatman" from John Proffit
Way Down Yonder
Boys of Malin
Cotton Eyed Joe
Jim Canaan's
Churchill and Roosevelt
I've Got Plans
Milwaukee Blues
Hard Times
Yellow Rose of Texas
Travelin' That Highway Home

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"They play like angels auditioning for Gabriel"
Clive Barnes, New York Times
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One highlight in a night of highlights - the Ramblers
invited friends to join them onstage for "Hard Times"
Program Notes
by George Holt

Rambler Bios

Two Remembrances

Program Photo Collage

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Ramblers present:
Jim Watson
Bill Hicks
Mike Craver
Jack Herrick
Clay Buckner
Bland Simpson
Chris Frank
Ed Butler
Barney Pilgrim
Rick Good
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Ramblers salute the huge crowd who stood and cheered and stayed right in their seats until they had to be sent home wanting more.
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Cece Conway and her trusty cam behind David and Jesse Eustice and Allison Lee.  Pics on this page are by Bren Overholt, "Keeper of the RCR Flame" according to the program notes.

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