Red Clay Ramblers Reunion for Tommy Thompson
June 14, 2003 - North Carolina Museum of Art
Tom Ashley Thompson's remarks upon accepting the Back Porch Music Artist of the Year award on behalf of his father and all the Red Clay Ramblers

"Charles William Thompson"
"Tommy Thompson"
"Dad" to Jesse and myself...

Dad once said to me "Son, keep good company and you will be good company."

On behalf of my father I would like to thank some of that good company.

My Mother, Cece Conway, who chose my Dad.

Mike Craver, who taught me to exercise my dim conscience as it emerged.

Bill Hicks who taught me to pick the smooth, flat, round stones that would skip 13 times on a pond.

Jim Watson and Jack Herrick who taught me countless roadtrip games, and how to spin, flick, and throw all kinds of frisbees,

Clay Buckner who taught me to have a sense of humor about myself.

Bland SImpson whose narrative story telling taught me to appreciate Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Hemmingway.

The rest of the Ramblers, Friends, and Fans, who enriched my father's life and made him good company. Thank you!

---Tom A. Thompson June 14, 2003 

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